Talk for Fathers (12/18/2014)

Veritas Caritas
Veritas Caritas
Talk for Fathers (12/18/2014)

Resources Fr. Mentions in this talk

Father the Family Protector by James Stenson

To Be Man: Life Lessons for a Man by James Stenson

Upbringing by James Stenson

Lifeline by James Stenson

ABC’s of Choosing a Good Wife by Steve Wood

Preparing Sons to Provide for a Single Income Family Steven Maxwell **(not Catholic, read with discretion)

Dorm Brothel: The new debauchery and the colleges that let it happen. by Vigen Guroian

Other Resources:

Essay by C.S. Lewis on Chivalry

Compass by James Stenson

Legacy Steve Wood

Listen Son: 12 Heart to Heart Talks of a Father to His Son

Mothers Little Helper: 12 Heart to Heart Talks of a Mother to Her Daughter

Parents Children and the Facts of Life by Fr. Sattler



Pornography Freedom and Social Destruction

Veritas Caritas
Veritas Caritas
Pornography Freedom and Social Destruction

The Internet and Our Solemn Obligation Before God

This is just a brief review of what Father said in his sermon…

  1. Put filters on EVERY computer, tablet and smart phone!!!
  2. The woman of the house keeps the password.
  3. Put ALL computers in a public place.
  4. Situate them so the screen can be easily seen.
  5. Internet shut off EVERY NIGHT before bed.
  6. ALL Smart Phones locked up EVERY NIGHT before bed.
  7. NO EXCEPTIONS, parents make excuse after excuse and our kids are in bondage and falling into hell.

Here is the information on the handout he had available for pick up.

According to Family Safe Media, 90% of 8-16 year olds have viewed porn online  (most while doing homework);  and 80% of 15-17 year olds have had multiple exposures to hard-core porn.  If you are going to have the Internet in your home, you must filter it.  If your children have phones with internet capabilities, it is your solemn obligation before God to either completely block the internet unless it is absolutely essential that they have access, in which case it is your solemn obligation before God to get the most robust filter &/or accountability ware possible. The woman of the house should have the password.